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Welcome to the OGOT Ministry Repository

The Authoritative Information Source for OGOT Ministries

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History of the Repository

An Epiphany

During the December 2016 Ministry Leaders meeting, in response to a question, Rev. Bernette held up a notebook and indicated it was the official notebook for the OGOT ministries.  The notebook was presented as the source to answer any questions relative to the operation of ministries and was available for review upon request. That was the catalyst for Karen Clay, co-leader of the Optimal Health Ministry, to volunteer to work with the church to create this repository as a more available means for church members to access relevent information related to OGOT Ministries.

Initial Work

This is an iterative process that requires the cooperation and collaboration of all of the ministries as well as OGOT staff and ministers.  The introduction and ministry descriptions that you will find here represent the first phase of this work.  Over the course of the next few months, key policies, procedures and forms also will be found in this repository.

OGOT Ministry Repository