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Tobacco Education Required Training

Required Tobacco Education Training

Navigating the Training Topics

If you are here it is because you are volunteering with the Optimal Health and other ministries to participate in the development and production of our Tobacco Education Health Fair and you have committed to taking the training required by the Baltimore County Health Department.  On the left of this page is a navigation menu that you will use to go through each of the required training topics.  This menu is repeated on each page to help keep you oriented as to where you are on your training path.

NOTE: This training is best completed on a computer.

We suggest you complete the training topics in order just make sure you have covered each one, but you don’t have to.  . Plan to spend a few days to complete all of the topic areas as it is quite a lot and you don’t want to get overloaded! When you have finished with the series, you will have the opportunity to complete a form with your personal information to receive a signed certificate of completion that you will be able to print!  A copy of your certificate also will be sent to Karen and Josephene so that we can include it in the final report that we submit to the health department.

Thank you for your dedication to helping our community to acquire the tools to live a healthier life! Start your journey by reviewing the CDC site below:

OGOT Ministry Repository