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Exercise Your Brain with Jigsaw Puzzles!

This week, we feature three jigsaw puzzles as our GIT IT content!  I was clearing out some paper recently to take to the Light of Truth Center Shred-It fundraiser when I ran across a CD from an event that occurred almost nine years ago.  There were a number of activities on this CD, including three jigsaw puzzles.  I have recreated two of them as part of this week’s content and added a third one that features our theme for this year. 

Think of the jigsaw puzzle as a metaphor for life. Challenges we face with our jobs, relationships, and health can leave us confused and overwhelmed. These challenges are easily likened to the fragmented jigsaw puzzle, with so many disconnected pieces and no clear starting point. By physically piecing a jigsaw puzzle together, we can shift the focus in our subconscious from confusion and inundation to proactively working on the solution. We become “rewired” to take a more balanced, holistic view of our lives, considering all the little pieces, but also how they fit into the big picture. We begin to make connections between things that may have previously seemed unrelated, such as relationships between our emotions and our state of health. Patterns begin to make sense as we focus that positive energy and apply it within our own lives. As the jigsaw puzzle takes shape, the different parts of our lives start coming together to form a sensible picture.

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Playing Instructions

This puzzle is best played on a computer or a tablet. You can play it on a smart phone, but it can be temperamental.  On a computer, simply use your mouse to click and move the pieces.  On a tablet, smartphone, or touch-enabled screen, simply use your fingers to move the pieces! If your sound is on, you will hear a “click” when the pieces match and snap together.  Enjoy!

Jigsaw Puzzle Instructions

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