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OGOT Quarterly Membership Report

At our April 2019 Annual Membership meeting, one outcome to which OGOT committed was providing a quarterly report to the membership outlining any progress  made on the agenda items presented.  This is the first of  three such reports to membership. The report is presented below along with a downloadable PDF copy to save if you like. This is a way to stay informed about the key initiatives on which OGOT is focused! Have a question? Complete the form below to send your question to leadership!

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Quarterly Progress Report to the OGOT Membership


This report represents the first of three reports that will be produced for you, our membership on the status of key priorities identified at our April 28, 2019 annual membership meeting.  We hope you will find it informative.  If you have any questions about the report, you can submit them via the form that is located at the bottom of the page after the report.


2019 Board Officers and Members

During our meeting, we elected new board members.  The newly configured board, as part of one of their first activities, elected officers and identified committee chairs.  The board was presented to the congregation at a subsequent Sunday service. They are:

  1. Reverend Bernette L. Jones, Senior Minister
  2. Linda M. Soares, President
  3. Linda Keith, Vice President (Governance subcommittee chair)
  4. Van Johnson, Treasurer (Finance subcommittee chair)
  5. Stephanie Dines, Assistant Treasurer (Finance & Facilities subcommittee co-chair)
  6. Virginia Wake, Secretary
  7. Gerald “Yahya” Brown, Assistant Secretary (Strategic Planning chair)
  8. Theodocia Newman, Member At large (Facilities subcommittee chair)
  9. Tiffany Ginyard, Member at Large (Strategic Planning co-chair)

Also, please note the various board committees lead by board members.  They are:

  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Strategic Planning

Did you know that, as a member, you can serve on any of these committees?  This is a GREAT way to keep informed about OGOT priorities of interest to you!  The board welcomes your active participation on one or more of these committees!  To find out more, contact the chair or co-chair of the committee(s) on which you are interested in serving.


Financial Report

  1. Income and Expenses:
    1. Income All Sources January – July $169,570     (Includes Anniversary Income – $ 22,356)
    2. Expenses January – July $152,165 (Includes Anniversary Expenses – $12,481)

Thank-you to EVERYONE who made the anniversary celebration such a huge success!

  1. 25th Anniversary Legacy Campaign began August 2019
    1. “It’s Not Over” is the name of our upcoming capital campaign for facility repairs, maintenance, upgrades and renovations.
    2. More will be revealed on September 15, 2019 immediately following Sunday service.



Members of our newly constituted board have spent the first few months getting “up to speed” on prioritizing the extensive list of maintenance and repair items listed.


Strategic Planning

Look for more information regarding the continued strategic direction of OGOT in the upcoming months. If you like playing an active role in defining the strategic goals of our Center, this is the committee on which to serve!

Here is a PDF copy to download if you desire. (Hover over the document to access the download feature.)

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