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Prosperity Consciousness

This week’s GIT IT content is a 3rd crossword puzzle! This one is focused on having a “prosperity consciousness.” Have fun solving it! Don’t want to solve the puzzle online? No problem! Scroll down the page for the PDF version.

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Click on the “Start Puzzling” button below to solve the puzzle!  Instructions for operating this online version is right below the puzzle.

Basic Navigation Instructions

Navigating this online puzzle is easy!  Click the “keyboard” to show/hide the QWERTY keyboard on your tablet or phone. use the “hamburger” menu in the upper right side to show/hide clues.  Click or tap directly on the puzzle to solve each clue.  Double click or tap to change directions. See the picture below for visual instructions.  Don’t want to complete the puzzle online?  No problem! Scroll down to see and print out the PDF version!

Puzzle Instructions

Downloadable PDF version. (Hover over or tap the document to reveal the tool bar.)

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