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Your Mindfulness Journey Workshop Recap

This week, for our GIT IT content, we provide a recap of the excellent workshop conducted by Rev. Judith Hokhmah entitled “Your Mindfulness Journey.”  While nothing really takes the place of being there, this slide presentation, which includes the meditation Rev. Judith facilitated, will provide you a sense of what was covered. Rev. Judith talked of our “spiritual endowment,” and the steps in which we must engage to support and maintain that endowment. Think of an endowment as an inheritance, gift or  an attribute or characteristic. We are born with this endowment, yet as we get older, other things a deposited into our consciousness that gets in the way of us realizing/remembering this. She reinforced the spiritual practices we can do on a daily basis, especially meditation, to address “addictions” in our lives and clear the way to return to the state in which we were born: fully equipped without judgement, knowing our endowment is Absolute Good, Life, Love, Substance, Power, Health and Abundance.

In the presentation below, you will find the slides Rev. Judith used, as well as additional resources that she shared, including the text of the meditation through which she guided us.  Look in the upper right corner of the player and click on “Resources” to download the PDF.  Alternatively you can go straight to the PDF which is provided at the bottom of this page in case you have trouble getting it from the player.  Rev. Judith suggests that you record your voice reading the meditation so that you can play it back as often as you want.

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