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The Journey

This week, our GIT IT content is a another maze! (with a twist of course!) If you enjoyed the maze posted in April, (you can check it out here) you will really enjoy this one!  It pays hommage to the planning committee of the Spiritual Arts Ministry to thank them for the work they have done to bring to fruition the FANTASTIC event planned for tomorrow, 11/2/2019. (Didn’t get your tickets? Well what are you waiting for?  GIT IT Now!)

I remember how fun it was as a child to complete the maze on the cereal box or the activity mat given to you at the restaurant. Well, this one is a little more advanced, but you still can let your inner child out and have fun successfully navigating the maze. It also has the information you are looking for embedded right in the puzzle! Enjoy!

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The Journey

When printing the maze out, be sure to set your printer to print in “landscape” orientation so you can have the largest possible printout of the maze.

(On computer, hover over document to view navigation tools. On tablet, tap on document to view navigation tools. On phone, tap on “View in Full Screen” button to view navigation tools.)

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