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“Literacy” Test

This week’s GIT IT content invites you to “go back in time” to an era when your ability to vote was predicated upon your ability to take and pass a “literacy” test. The particular test you will have the opportunity to take is one of the ones the state of Louisiana used. Will you pass? Will you be able to vote in the upcoming election? Will this test define you or your reputation? Go to the test below, download it and try to complete it in 10 minutes.  Set the timer on your smart phone or have someone time you. Follow the instructions exactly as they are written! (Thank you Debora Brown  for sharing this!)

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Download the document below and start the test! Alternatively you can get a blank sheet of paper to use as your answer sheet and view the actual test while you are online. When you have finished, please add a comment in the comments section below and share your thoughts and experience relative to the test. More information and other tests can be found here.

(Hover over or tap the document to reveal the tool bar.)

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  1. Debora Brown

    Wow, I’m not smarter than a 5th grader, so I would not be able to vote during that time. Also, I better not sign-up to play the TV show, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”? Ironically, I’m certified and considered qualified to teach 5th grade students today.


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