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The Bowl

 This week’s GIT IT content is a story told to the children of St. Matthew Presbyterian Church in Silver Spring, MD during the “Time with the Children” portion of their service. My sister attended services with my father that Sunday and liked the story so much she told me. I liked it so much that I contacted the person who shared the story, Konni Brantner, Director of Youth Education and Outreach, to get her permission to share the story. It is about a time when she, as a young middle school girl, disobeyed her mother. I have named the story, “The Bowl.” There are so many lessons in this story that I want you to read it (PDF copy below) or listen to me reading it. Share a comment or two about what you got out of the story and how it may apply today to you or your loved ones. (Thank-you Konni Brantner for sharing this story with us!)

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