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The Six Principles of Exemplary Teaching in English Language Learning

This week, our GIT IT content may seem to be totally “off topic” in that it is talking about English Language Learning. While it may seem way off, it really is not in that it is speaking to best practices for learning a new language. Learning a new language requires learning the rules and construct of that language and may initially generate a lot of questions for the learner.  Learning and incorporating our UFBL theology in your life, world and affairs can be a lot like learning a new language!  Think back to the first time you took a UFBL class on the Five Basic Truth Principles or any other topic.  I’m sure you had LOTS of questions!  So here is your challenge: Read this article and think about it from the context of what we teach and how we teach ( or what you were taught by a licensed teacher and how you were taught by that teacher.)  Are there similarities?  Differences? Let’s start a discussion.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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