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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

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Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2017


 Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM by Rev Lameteria Hall

Opening Prayer: Rev Lameteria Hall

Daily Inspiration:  Linda Keith

October 2017 Minutes:  James Michael Brodie motioned to approve the October 2017 Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes with edits, second by Michael Staples. Motion carried.


Please Note: No ministry meeting/minutes for November, because of the Ministry Leadership Workshop for the In the Life Ministries of Brooklyn, N.Y. which was held November 11, 2017.


Ministry Updates: Highlights of 2017

Multi-Media – EllaDonna Lanier

The Celebration of the OGOT Prom, and having the proceeds going toward getting a new monitor.


OGOT Choir – Paulette Lucas

  • The memorial of Charmayne Campbell Bailey. All the choir members showed up to sing, support and serve the family.


Bridges – Linda Keith

  • The Bridges Retreat 2017 at the National Harbor, Maryland which Linda Keith was the chair. Key words: Let go and let God work everything out.


JCTS Registration – Debra Ruffin-Dorsey

  • Increased class enrollment for 2017.


Harmony Book Store – Sheila Troy

  • Sheila Troy became the new ministry leader for the Bookstore. Key words: Spiritual releasing and regeneration.


Prosperity Ministry – Deborah Smith

  • Key words: Hibernation and reflection.


Ushers/Hostesses-Host Ministry – Michael Staples

  • The Flap Jack Breakfast. Re-teaching members how to serve people.  Key words: Reconnection and communication.


Optimal Health – Roshann Steele

  • Faith and service during the 21 Day Mindful Journey.
  • The Wednesday nights workshop discussion groups were excellent.
  • At the annual cook-out, the Optimal Health food table the member stepped up during the absence of the leaders. Key words: Standing in the gap, provided by Karen Clay.


OGOT Board of Directors – James Michael Brodie

  • Key words: Focused, why we are here.  James Michael Brodie expressed his gratitude to Paulette Lucas for bringing him to the level he is at today.


Special Service – Henrietta Coward

  • Key words: Togetherness.


Spiritual Arts – Emma Sembly-Brodie

  • Key words: Growth and confirmation. Standing on faith, standing in the gap.


Prayer Ministry –  Debra Ruffin Dorsey

  • Key words: Consistency, getting the job done, no matter what.


Youth Ministry – No Updates

  • However, Rev Lameteria Hall stated we have a great appreciation for the few serving our youth and the greatness of the few. Andre’ Keyser delivered the message for all the youth lesson services in 2017.



Upcoming Events

  • Rev Lameteria Hall requested a list of proposed things to do for FY2018.
    • Continuing Wednesday night workshops
    • Bless and release project
    • 2018 Scholarship Breakfast
  • The Community Partners agreement is renewed each year.
  • JCTS is developing a new team.
  • Vision for 2018 – 100 days. Rev Lameteria Hall gave a January assignment to each ministry leader: bring some pictures for our vision board. The vision board will be put together in January.  Let it reflect a healthy, happy and prosperous life…reflection our vision.
  • Three areas to focus on:
    • 1) Repository
    • 2) Develop leadership and teams
    • 3) Service impact.


  • Rev Lameteria Hall stated she have received updated calendar events from the following ministries, Optimal Health, Prayer and Usher/Hostess. All ministries should have their proposed calendar of events for 2018 in by December 24, 2017.
  • Homework Assignment: Write a thank you letter to your ministry, a letter of gratitude using the envelope and paper provided.


Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Rev Lameteria Hall with closing Prayer at 1:15 PM.


At the close of our meeting we enjoyed a Holiday celebration of food and conversation, celebrating our amazing year of 2017.


Attendees:  Theodocia Newman – (Board), James Michael-Brodie – (Spiritual Arts), Rev Lameteria Hall – (Assistant to the Minister).  Elaine Atlee- (Ushers/Host/Hostess), Deborah Smith- (Prosperity), Debra Ruffin-Dorsey- (Prayer/JCTS), Karen Clay – (Optimal Health), Henrietta Coward- (Special Service), Paulette Lucas- (Choir), Roshann Steele-(Optimal Health), Emma Sembly-Brodie- (Spiritual Arts), Sheila Troy- (Harmony Bookstore), Michael Staples- (Ushers/Hostess), EllaDonna Lanier- (Multi-Media), Linda Keith- (Bridges), Donna R. Gaither- (Bridges)

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