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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

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Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2019

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM
Opening Prayer: Roshann Steele
Daily Inspiration:  Sheila Sembly-Crum

Rev Lameteria requested each Ministry Leader who had their old affirmation statements, to release them for a new one. Those leaders who didn’t have one were requested to select one.  After everyone had their statements everyone read their statements to the group.

Acknowledgement:  Rev Lameteria acknowledged that she was led by Spirit to thank Debra Ruffin Dorsey for her committed, dedicated, loyal, and quality in excellence in the services and activities internally and externally in this church. “Debra, you are at a level that words cannot explain, and we appreciate you for that.  So, this meeting today is dedicated to you, in honor of your service. Debra, this your day! So, we appreciate you so much.”

  April 2019 Minutes:  Paulette Lucas motioned to approve the April 2019 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with edits.  It was seconded by Debra Ruffin Dorsey Motion carried.

Spiritual Solutions Leadership Focus: “Engaging Others”

Rev Lameteria stated the subject matter is “Engaging Others,” since the current approach to church has largely been driven by getting people to attend is not working. The growth of the church is not based on the attendance, but if they are not engaged, they are coming and going.  When you have people that are engaged and invested in our teaching those are the ones that stick it out and hang in there. Those are also the ones that demonstrate the loyalty, dedication, the commitment, and the excellency in service is because they are engaged. An article by Cary Nieuwhof developed the following five reasons why engagement will drive almost all future church growth:

  1. Attending Church is a Relatively New Concept:
  2. Attendance Naturally Grows out of Engagement:
  3. Trying to Attract People in a Post-Christian Culture can Work Against the Mission:
  4. Our Culture is Ripe for an Alternative to Consuming:
  5. People Become the Most Passionate about the Things with which they’re most Involved:

Ministry Updates:

Multi-Media – Elladonna Lanier

  • No new updates.

Bridges – Donna Gaither

  • No new updates.

JCTS Registration – Debra Ruffin Dorsey

  • No new updates.

Harmony Book Store – Sheila Sembly-Crum

  • No new updates.

Prosperity Ministry – Inactive Status

Ushers/Hostesses-Host Ministry – Michael Staples

  • Michael mentioned that he had been informing tickets holders that today was the last day to get tickets for the annual flapjack breakfast.  Rev Lameteria stated that the purchase of tickets can be done at the door of the event. It was stated that no tickets were to be returned only the money for the tickets were to be returned.

Optimal Health – Roshann Steele

  • No new updates.

Special Services – Henrietta Coward

  • No new updates

Spiritual Arts – Michael James Brodie

  • For the 25th Anniversary we are looking for photos or videos of events that the Ministries have sponsored or have been involved in.  Please contact Gerald “Yahya” Brown or Michael James Brodie.
  • The Talent and Fashion event on November 2, 2019 will be from 1 to 6 PM, and theme is “Turn On The Light.” More details will follow the 25th Anniversary Gala.

Prayer Ministry – Debra Ruffin Dorsey

  • The Prayer Ministry is meeting to pray every Thursday at 6:15 PM in room 103, instead of the library office space.

Youth Ministry – Bessie Haskins

  • No new updates.

Music/Choir – Paulette Lucas

  • No new updates.


  • Annual Meeting of 4/28/19 Feedback – Rev Lameteria wanted to give thanks to the Board and especially to the vote counting team during the Annual Meeting for providing the best, efficient, effective, and smooth counting process ever.     It was requested if any Ministry Leaders had feedback on the Annual Meeting, please share with the group now for it is still a work progress.
  • The fact is that we had four candidates and we had four openings, which made it easy for a smooth transition for all were accepted.
  • The bios of the candidates were posted throughout the church, gave the people sense of knowing who the candidates were before their presentation at the meeting.
  • The time management of the meeting went very well, no lag or drag moments.
  • The booklet that was distributed was an excellent idea of providing concrete general information to the members.
  • At the next Annual Meeting, in the presentations, it should be highlighted the discussion that was had by the Board to come up with the resolutions or conclusion to the task or proposal.
  •   25th Anniversary Ministry Committee Updates – There are still a few tickets available.  The committee is still accepting ads for souvenir book.

Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Rev Lameteria Hall at 2:00 PM.

Attendees:  Rev Lameteria Hall (Assistant Minister), Roshann Steele (Optimal Health), Van Johnson (BoD/Choir), Paulette Lucas (Music Ministry), Bessie Haskins (Youth Ministry), Michael Staples (Hostess/Ushers), James Michael Brodie (Spiritual Arts), Donna R. Gaither (Bridges), Sheila Sembly-Crum (Harmony Book Store), Debra Ruffin-Dorsey (Prayer/JCTS Ministry), Theodocia Newman (BoD/Music/Bridges), Elladonna Lanier (Multi-Media), Linda Keith (BoD/Bridges), Henrietta Coward (Special Services)

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