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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

One God One Thought Center for Better Living
Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2018

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM by Rev Lameteria Hall
Opening Prayer: Rev Lameteria Hall
Daily Inspiration: Bessie Haskins
October 2017 Minutes: Donna Gaither motioned to approve the December 2017 Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes and it was seconded by Elaine Atlee. Motion carried.

2018 Focus: Awaken Our Oneness
Our 2018 focus is “Awaken Our Oneness.” This is the focus and guiding thought for every Ministry Leader meeting for this calendar year, along with “I AM THE ONE.” This is an opportunity for leaders to have a clear vision and mission and to know what it is for OGOT.

OGOT Repository Update
It has been a year since Ministry descriptions were uploaded to the OGOT ministry repository. Leaders were asked to go to www.ogotmr.net , review their descriptions and email any changes to Rev. Lameteria and Karen Clay. All minutes from calendar year 2017 are available on the website. Minutes generally are posted after review and approval by the group at the next meeting. The Facility Use Form was taken down to verify that the most current version was posted and will be put back up soon.

Donna Gaither raised the possibility of the minutes from the OGOT Board of Directors being posted to the repository. Consensus was that this would best be part of the OGOT website. It also was noted that, as a 501(c)3 entity, board meetings must be open.

Church Calendar
Ministries were asked to submit their calendars for 2018. Two ministries (Bridges and Youth) are still outstanding. What has been received will be posted to the ministry repository. It was noted that a weekly schedule is posted on the board in the hall by the back door.

Other Items
Discussion was held about the start time for church service. Two people are now setting the tone for service: Michael Staples and Eunice Atkins which they do at 9:25a with services starting at 9:30a.

Rev. Lameteria met with most of the ministries last year. Three ministries (Optimal Health, Bridges and Choir) have a good solid foundation. Rev. Lameteria is meeting regularly with the bookstore given that the leader is new. The frequency of her meetings with other ministries will vary based on a number of factors.

Elaine thanked Rev. Lameteria for meeting with the Food Share group and continuing the December/January share activities. Rev. Lameteria noted that the Food Share is very labor intensive and participation has decreased precipitously in recent months. This activity has been discontinued indefinitely moving forward. This lead to a conversation about the level of “presence” OGOT has in the community. Rev. Lameteria shared that she has made a personal commitment to invite 12 people weekly to our services via the use of the cards created by Rev. Richard.

Ministry Updates

Multi-Media – EllaDonna Lanier
• Ministry is collaborating with JCTS on a joint event that will be a JCTS Reunion/Prom.

Bridges – Donna Gaither
• Bridges is developing their 2018 goals in keeping with the church and are looking at training dates for the members.
• Bridges is pushing the Alaska cruise back to 2019
• The annual retreat will be in October 2018. They will look at having the flyer completed in time for POT.

JCTS Registration – Debra Ruffin-Dorsey
• Classes start January 16, 2018. Basic Truth I and II will be offered along with Wednesday night discussions.

Harmony Book Store – Sheila Troy
• The bookstore had a very successful pop-up vendor bazaar such that it was extended to the end of the month. Things sold were practical things that people could use.
• The bookstore closes at 11:30a; Daily Inspiration is sold out and no others will be ordered. People will be encouraged to complete a subscription order form and mail to the UFBL.

Prosperity Ministry – Rev. Lameteria
• This ministry currently is inactive.

Ushers/Hostesses-Host Ministry – Michael Staples
• The Flap Jack Breakfast will be held on 4/28/2018; time yet to be determined.

Optimal Health – Karen Clay
• The 40-day Lenten journey and the 21 day journey will be held again this year as usual. The 40 day journey begins on Ash Wednesday and the 21 day journey will begin in October.
• This August will be the 10th anniversary of the start of the ministry. A celebration is being planned.

Special Service – Henrietta Coward
• No updates

Spiritual Arts – Emma Sembly-Brodie
• On January 21st a Year in Review party will be held after service.
• The ministry is planning 7 events for the calendar year with emphasis on dramatic readings and inspirational readings.
• Interest also has been expressed for starting a writer’s exchange. This may be planned for March or June.

Prayer Ministry – Elaine Atlee
• Elaine invited people to join the ministry at one of the Light of Truth Center homes for a prayer session.
• Mastermind prayer is still held on Thursdays from 6:15p – 7p. The ministry is looking into how to have people participate remotely. Bessie suggested using Google Hangout.

Youth Ministry – Bessie Haskins
• Ministry is excited about meeting with Reverends Bernette and Lameteria to discuss ideas to enhance the ministry and bring children in. They will report on the outcome after the meeting happens.

Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Rev Lameteria Hall with closing Prayer at 1:15 PM.

Attendees: Sheila Troy (Harmony Bookstore), Debra Ruffin Dorsey (Prayer/JCTS), Bessie Haskins (Youth), Rev. Lameteria Hall (Asst. to Senior Minister), Henrietta Coward (Special Services), Donna Gaither (Bridges), EllaDonna Lanier (Multimedia), Emma Sembly-Brodie (Spiritual Arts), Karen Clay (Optimal Health), Rev. Jeannette Gatewood (Bridges), Elaine Atlee (Hostess/Ushers)

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