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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

One God One Thought Center for Better Living

Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2017

Dated completed 9/5/2017

 Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:15 PM by Karen Clay

Opening Prayer/Introduction: Bernette L. Jones

Daily Inspiration:  Karen Clay


June 2017 Minutes:  James Michael Brodie motioned to approve the June 2017 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with the stated corrections, second by Yahya Kamau. Motion carried.

Inspirational Leadership – Topic: “Change Process”

  • Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson stated the members of Bridges are participating in the Bridges Process which helps people to identify wishes that they want to make changes in their life about themselves. A person coming to Bridges must partake in this process by during the following: 1. Set goals (see Goals form distributed for instructions); 2. Identify expectations of support from Bridges and Community; Bridges Plan identifies the Principles that we teach and request that use them as guidance through the process; 3. Participation form must be completed by each participant. Information is kept confidentially by Bridges.
  • The Process of Transition and The Transition Curve diagrams were explained as guidance for a person to implement a decision for a change or a choice to make.           


Ministry Updates:

Multi-Media – EllaDonna Lanier – No Updates

OGOT Choir – Yahya Kamau

  • Yahya Kamau stated the choir is awaiting feedback from Rev. Lameteria Hall on the changes (retooling and defining roles of the Music Ministry), the choir is requesting.
  • Yahya Kamau submitted an estimation request for the purchase of a spot Light to be added to the additional lighting system that we have at the church and that he would commit in providing half of the cost.

Bridges – Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson and Linda Keith

  • Bridges’ retreat committee is developing a proposal for final approval for its 2017 retreat at the Wyndham Vacation Resort at National Harbor; during the first or second week of October 2017 (Friday thru Sunday). A package will be forthcoming listing dates, times and various hotels in the area for individuals to register, if they do want to stay at the Wyndham.
  • Bridges is still working on revamping their brochure and updating their SOPs.

JCTS Registration – No Updates

Harmony Book – No Updates

Prosperity Ministry – No Updates

Ushers/Host-Hostesses – Michael Staples

  • Awaiting approval of the OGOT Picnic proposal that was submitted to Rev. Lameteria Hall.

Optimal Health – Roshann Steele

  • The monthly meeting is scheduled for July 9th and we will be discussing and planning a lineup of the speakers for our 21 Days Journey in October 2017.
  • Karen Clay identified the Optimal Health members, who will be leading the Wednesday Night Discussions in October, but the topics of discussion have not been identified.

OGOT BoD – No Updates

Special Service – Henretta Coward – No Updates

Spiritual Arts – Emma Sembly-Brodie and James Michael Brodie

  • The “Empowering” Fashion Show proposal was submitted for approval and we awaiting a response.
  • The event is scheduled for November 18, 2017, 5 to-8 PM. Ticket prices are Early Bird – $20 and After Early Bird – $25.
  • A proposed schedule for rehearsals was submitted to Rev. Lameteria Hall for approval. A Practice the Presence tool of Walking Meditation is being introduced to participants during rehearsals.
  • Bernette Jones recommends that the steering committee start promoting the fashion show to the community by early September.
  • James Michael Brodie stated that Ursula Battle’s Battle Stage Plays is schedule to present a special dinner theatre performance of “For Better or Worse’ at One God One Thought Center during August 26-27, 2017. Two members of our church are scheduled to be in the play.

Prayer Ministry – Virginia Wake

  • Announcement in the Sunday bulletin of the Prayer Chaplin at Sunday service.
  • Relaunch of the prayer line using updated technology for both the congregation and the community, using demographics from these calls to find out what issues are facing the community.
  • Development of a brochure, logo, and colors for the ministry. Discussion pending with Karen Clay before a mock up is done.
  • Presentation of the Prayer Ministry new brochure and other materials will be done during the month of October, since we are the Ministry of the Month.
  • Plans are being discussed with Bridges Ministry to do a Burning Bowl Workshop during the fifth Sunday of November. Prayer Ministry is recommending to do the work booklet.
  • Prayer letters will be forwarded out electronically once requests are made for prayer.
  • Prayer Ministry is recommending that leaflets be display on the hostess table listing proposed events for 2018.

Youth Ministry – Bessie Haskins

  • July 2017 is Youth Month and during the first Sunday (July 2) the youth participated in a quilting workshop facilitated by Debra Ruffin-Dorsey and Paula. This second Sunday (July 9) the quilting workshop will continue and the youth’s quilts will show case the third Sunday (July 16).  On the fifth Sunday (July 30) there will be a Youth Day celebration with games and other activities.
  • Bernette Jones requested that the Youth Ministry should consider submitting some of the youths’ thoughts about New Thought and their stories about how they used truth principles to be publish in the Daily Inspiration’s Youth Corner. During upcoming future POTs the church will sponsor some youths to attend.

Old Business:

Ministry Leaders Repository Updates – Karen Clay:

  • Karen Clay distributed the final draft copy of the Facility Usage Form for Special Event Service for review before it is submitted to Rev. Lameteria Hall. The Ministry Leaders concurred that the form should be submitted for approval.
  • Karen Clay stated she is waiting for the Prayer Ministry to update the description that was uploaded in the repository.
  • Karen Clay requested the minutes for May 2017 be provided to be uploaded in the repository.
  • Karen Clay displayed what had been uploaded in the OGOT Ministry section of the repository and requested the Ministry Leaders to review and provide updates to the OGOT Ministry section.
  • ogotmr.net is the website and can be linked from the APP and OGOT website.
  • Questions and help support can be directed to Karen Clay via the Ministry Leaders Repository website.

Upcoming Events – No Updates

New Business – Mid-Year Connection – Rev. Bernette Jones

  • Bernette Jones stated that Rev Dr. Sheila McKeithens, UFBL President, is invited to be at One God One Thought Center, July 15-16, 2017, for the Time Tithers Celebration to give a special message of encouragement and support.
  • Bernette Jones advised the ministry leaders that OGOT is changing so that we can grow. A lot of the changing going on, such as adjusting our insurance rate to get the same amount of coverage, changing the use of facility by making it available to our community partners, and allowing it as our greatest assets to pay for itself. As these changes occur, I would like for you as ministry leaders to hold the consciousness in knowing and trusting that when these changing is happening that growth is what it is all about. “Jump In Where You Fix In” where your expertise will help us grow.


Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Karen Clay with closing Prayer at 1:50 PM.

Attendees:  Van Johnson – (Choir/Board), Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson – (Bridges), Karen Clay – (Optimal Health), Michael Staples – (Ushers), Bessie Haskins – (Youth Ministry). Linda M Soares – (Board/Choir/Multi-Media), Roshann Steele – (Optimal Health), Emma Sembly-Brodie – (Spiritual Arts), James Michael Brodie – (Board/Spiritual Arts), Donna R, Gaither-(Bridges), Rev Bernette L Jones – (Senior Ministry). Linda Keith – (Bridges/Choir), Virginia Wake – (Prayer/Board), Yahya Kamau – (Choir/Music)

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