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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

One God One Thought Center for Better Living
Ministry Leaders’ Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2018

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM by Rev Lameteria Hall

Opening Prayer: Rev Bernette Jones

Daily Inspiration:  Sheila Troy

April 2018 Minutes:  Bessie Haskins motioned to approve the April 2018 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with grammatical errors to be corrected and it was seconded by Elladonna Lanier. Motion carried.


June 2018 Focus: Awake Our Oneness – I AM the One – “Holding the Vision” as a Spiritual Leader

Rev Lameteria Hall announced that the June Focus topic be discussed at our July 14th meeting. (Due majority of the leaders attended the OGOT Board Training today and the Ministry Leaders’ meeting started later.


Ministry Updates and Announcements

Multi-Media – Elladonna Lanier

  • Per the committee, the main focus now is the push the “ticket sales” for the Prom Event. Everything else is going well.


Bridges – Rev. Jeanette Gatewood-Johnson

  • Bridges’ Release and Be Bless Day weekend was a great success on many levels. The organization wants to do this twice per year.  Thanks to All!  Plan to get the “Save the Date” notices out much earlier next year.


JCTS Registration – Debra Ruffin-Dorsey

  • Summer Session 3-week workshops will be offered: 1) Meditation/Yoga Session with Rev. Judith Hokhmah; 2) Bible Workshop w/Dr. Irvin Jones and Rev. Jeanette Gatewood-Johnson; and 3) Wednesday Discussion Group will continue throughout the summer.


Harmony Book Store – Sheila Troy

  • The Harmony Book Store is the ministry of the month for June. The table is highlighting books and items available at $5 or less.  Please stop into the bookstore to help with releasing/regeneration within the store.


Prosperity Ministry

  • The Prosperity Ministry is scheduled to meet on Sunday, June 17, 2018.


Ushers/Hostesses-Host Ministry – Michael Staples and Elaine Atlee

  • The Flapjack Breakfast is scheduled for May 18, 2019 at Applebee’s, save the date on your calendar and let’s make this event a huge success by implementing the marketing/promotion plans much earlier in the year.
  • The OGOT Barbeque is scheduled for Sunday, September 9, 2018. Mark your calendars.


Optimal Health – No Updates


Special Service – No Updates


Spiritual Arts – Emma Sembly-Brodie

  • Writer’s Exchange next meeting is scheduled for June 24th. They had a wonderful “Open Mic” experience last month.
  • The Talent and Fashion Show is scheduled for November 3, 2018, (time change) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Theme: “AWOKE! One Breathe at a Time”.


Prayer Ministry – Rev. Judith Hokhmah

  • World Prayer Day is scheduled for September 13, 2018. She will connect with other Baltimore New Thought church for collaboration.


Youth Ministry – Bessie Haskins

  • The Play held on April 29th was very successful.
  • The Youth Ministry is the ministry of the month for July and the group plan to have giveaways during the month.
  • Youth Scholarship Brunch is scheduled for July 29, 2018. Linda is working with the YEC’s to conduct the Service. Joan Arthur is on sabbatical.


Music/Choir – No Updates


Announcements – Bring coins to the Prom to help generate more money for the Youth Scholarship Brunch.


Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Lameteria Hall with closing Prayer at 2:30 PM.


Attendees:  Rev. Lameteria Hall (Asst. to Senior Minister), Michael Staples (Hostess/Ushers), Queen Nzinga Bohana (Hostess), Bessie Haskins (Youth), Rev. Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson (Bridges), Donna Gaither (Bridges), Elladonna Lanier (Multi-Media), Emma Sembly-Brodie (Spiritual Arts), Sheila Troy (Harmony Bookstore) and Rev. Judith Hokhmah.

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