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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

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Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2017

Dated completed 7/6/2017

 Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon by Rev. Lameteria Hall

Opening Prayer/Introduction: Elaine Atlee

Daily Inspiration:  Van Johnson


May 2017 Minutes:  Donna Gaither motioned to approve the May 2017 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with the stated corrections, second by Roshann Steele. Motion carried.

Inspirational Leadership – Topic: “Ministry Passion” Survey

Rev Lameteria Hall requested everyone to write down on some distributed blank cards “What brings us Joy in Serving in the Ministry or Ministries that we are a part of?” Please identify seven reasons or things, then submit the cards.

 Ministry Updates:

Multi-Media – EllaDonna Lanier – No Updates

OGOT Choir – Paulette Lucas

  • The choir will not be singing on June 18, however, the choir will be singing on June 25 and July 16.
  • Paulette Lucas was advised to send Rev Lameteria Hall an email on the dates that the choir will need the church sanctuary for rehearsal.

Bridges – Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson

  • Bridges’ retreat committee has selected the Wyndham Vacation Resort at National Harbor for the 2017 retreat; during the first or second week of October 2017.
  • Bridges is redesigning there brochure and looking at their SOPs for revamping.
  • Rev Lameteria Hall requested Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson to do a five minute introduction during the Inspirational Leadership segment of the July meeting on the form and method process used by Bridges to determine what issues a person is going/growing through.

JCTS Registration – Deborah Ruffin-Dorsey

  • The church will be offering Summer Mini Classes (JTCS class on Meditation and Yoga the Wednesday Night Discussion Group Series on Relationships will begin June 28 thru August 2, 2017.
  • JTCS class will be a Meditation and intro to Yoga Workshop for five weeks, on Wednesday and facilitated by Rev Judith Hokmah.

Harmony Book – No Updates

Prosperity Ministry – Rev. Deborah Smith

  • The Prosperity Ministry will be meeting on the third Sunday and the topic for discussion will be on Budgeting.

Ushers/Hostesses – Michael Staples – No Updates

Optimal Health – Roshann Steele

  • The monthly meeting is the second Sunday. Planning a lineup of the speakers for our 21 Days Journey in October 2017.

OGOT BoD – Rev. Annette King-El

  • Annette King-EL mentioned that the Board will meet on June 17 to induct the three new members to the Board.
  • At our next meeting a resolution to the ministry fund allocation question will be discussed.

Special Service – Henrietta Coward – No Updates

Spiritual Arts – Emma Sembly Brodie

  • The steering committee ( E. Atkins, C. Dorsey, J. Baily, T. Newman, C. Owens, E. Brodie) for the upcoming “Empowering “Fashion Show met for the first this year. Informational meeting is scheduled for July 24, 2017 at 1200 PM.
  • The event is scheduled for November 18, 2017, 5 to-8 PM. Ticket prices are Early Bird – $20 and After Early Bird – $25.

Prayer Ministry – Debra Ruffin Dorsey

  • Request that the Ministry of the Month Leader or representatives come to prayer twice that month and lead the Mastermind Prayer, Thursdays at 0600 PM.
  • The Ministry of the Month calendar for 2017 will change to reflect that the Usher/Host/Hostesses Ministry will have the month of September and the Prayer Ministry will have the month of October.

Youth Ministry – Bessie Haskins

  • June 2017 – The Host/Hostess Ministry requested children to assist in designing and preparing some Father Day gift bags for the Father Day service on June 18.
  • July 2017 – This is Youth Month and during the first and second Sunday (July 2 and July 9) the will be a quilting workshop facilitated by Debra Ruffin-Dorsey and Paula. Spiritual Arts Ministry will be the month of December.

Old Business:

Ministry Leaders Repository Updates – Karen Clay:

  • Karen Clay provided an update of what has been completed with the repository, such as minutes from our January thru April meetings are uploaded and the last two ministries (Prayer and Spiritual Arts) descriptions will be uploaded. Within several months all the core data will be uploaded.
  • Karen Clay distributed the second draft copy of the Event Planning Process flow chart for review. After the review, the ministry leaders concurred that Karen Clay should submit the flow chart for approval.
  • The draft copy of the Facility Usage Form for Special Event Service was reviewed.
  • ogotmr.net is the website and can be linked from the APP and OGOT website.
  • Questions and help support can be directed to Karen Clay via the Ministry Leaders Repository website.

 Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday Mid-Week Discussion Groups – Rev. Annette King-El and Van Johnson – 7-9PM
  • OGOT 23rd Anniversary Celebration – Jazz Brunch-6/25/17.
  • UFBL Founder Day is celebrated on June 11, 2017 also, with the UFBL Ministers tag teaming
  • Father Day Presentation on June 18. 2017, under the direction of James Michael Brodie.
  • Timer Tither will be recognized at an inside event with lite fare and music on July 15, 2017. Rev Sheila R. McKeithen is the guest speaker and will be giving the Sunday morning message on July 16, 2917.
  • Burning Bowl Letter returned on July 7, 2017.
  • During the July Meeting bring a list of your active members and give to Debra Ruffin.
  • Youth Day celebration is July 30, 2017.
  • Community Partner Angle Wings Crabs Feast is August 4, 2017.
  • POT in Montego Bay, Jamaica, August 9-13, 2019.
  • OGOT office will be close August, 9-13, 2017. Rev Richard Huge will be the executive administrator on call during that time.

New Business:

  • July 8, 2017, Saturday, our next OGOT Ministry Leader’s Meeting will be 1 hour, 1200 -0130 PM, and facilitated by Karen Clay.
  • Light of Truth Center will be hosting there annual Recovering Hearts Conference on July 8, 2017
  • August 12, 2017, the OGOT Ministry Leader’s Meeting will be cancelled for the church will be closed. Paulette Lucas was advised to inform choir members so that there will no rehearsal.
  • September, October, and November 2017 the OGOT Ministry Leader’s Meeting will resume at its regular time. Hold in thought that we should come together during the month of December 2017 to have a Holiday Celebration, for fellowship and to have a good time.
  • Church Activity Updates – Rev Deborah Smith
  • Rev Deborah Hall reminded everyone that the OGOT 23rd Anniversary Jazz Brunch is scheduled for June 25, 2017. Patrons ads sheets and art works are due by June 11, Sunday or no later than June 14, 2017, Wednesday. Donations from the generosity of people will help eliminate the expenses.


Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Rev. Lameteria Hall with closing Prayer at 2:00 PM.

Attendees:  Laverne Fair – (Receptionist/Secretary), Van Johnson – (Choir/Board), EllaDonna Lanier – (Multi-Media), Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson – (Bridges), Henrietta Coward – (Special Services), Karen Clay – (Optimal Health), Michael Staples – (Ushers), Elaine Atlee – (Hostesses), Bessie Haskins – (Youth Ministry). Debra Ruffin-Dorsey – (JCTS Registration), Rev Lameteria Hall – (Senior Minister Assistant), Rev Deborah Smith – (Prosperity), Paulette Lucas – (Choir/Music), Rev Annette King-El – (Board, Teacher), Roshann Steele – (Optimal Health), Emma Sembly-Brodie – (Spiritual Arts), James Michael Brodie – (Spiritual Arts), Donna R, Gaither-(Bridges)

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