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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

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Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2017


Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 1100 am by Rev Annette King-El

 Opening Prayer/Introduction: Rev Annette King-El

 Daily Inspiration:  Michael Staples

February 2017 Minutes:  Karen Clay motioned to approve the February 2017 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with the noted changes, second by Michael Staples. Motion carried.

Old Business

Ministry Leaders Repository Updates – Karen Clay:

                Karen Clay stated that the information in the Ministry Leaders Repository has been pre-approved by Rev Bernette Jones and Rev Lameteria Hall.  The vision is that it will facilitate communication, understanding, and compliance as it relates to ministry leaders and members in the way we support the church.

Calendar – all ministries activities should be listed in the calendar.  Karen will update the calendar until a person has been designated to do so.

www.ogotmr.net is the website and can be linked from the APP and OGOT website.

Questions and help support can be directed to Karen Clay via the Ministry Leaders Repository website.

  • Ministry Descriptions
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Ministry Minutes for January and February

The next major components will be the Policies & Procedures.  The link with the ministry description will be available by February 12, 2017 and it should be completed by February 22, 2017.

Ushers/Hostesses – Michael Staples

                 Michael Staples stated that we had a good time at the Flapjack Breakfast project at Apple Bee restaurant this morning. He stated he will check into another time slot during warm weather for a flapjack breakfast during 2018, because Apple Bee is booked until November 2017.  Michael stated the next event will be organized and OGOT tee shirts will be available to sale.  The restaurant waiver was signed by Rev Bernette Jones, due to the church policy that for liability reasons the contract must be signed by an authorized member of the church. The flapjack breakfast made approximately $840 and paid expenses to Apple Bee $170.00 for a total of $670.00.  Other events planned are:

  1. OGOT Bar-b-que is being schedule for September 10, 2017


Multi-Media Prom & JCTS Class Reunion – Elladonna Lanier

Elladonna Lanier advised that the date of event has changed to April 28, 2017. Price is $15 per person and $25 per couple. Time of the event is from 0700PM to 1100AM.  Tickets will be available to purchase on March 12, 2017.  King and Queen tickets will be available also for sale, at $2.00 each, and whoever sales the most King or Queen tickets will win. Dress to impress in formal ware.

 Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday Mid-Week Discussion Groups – Rev Annette King-El and Van Johnson – 7-9PM
  • Palm Sunday Service – 4/9/17
  • Good Friday Service – 4/14/17 -1200PM
  • Easter Sunday Service – 4/16/17
  • Annual Meeting – 4/23/17


Ministry updates

OGOT Choir – Paulette Lucas

  • No musician for the choir. The current musician is taking a sabbatical until further notice.

Optimal Health – Roshann Steel

  • Juicing Demonstration – April 9, 2017, there will be juicing demonstration, which is an individualized 40 days fast. Request a love offering $5.00 or $10.00.

Prosperity Ministry – Rev Deborah Smith

  • No report, the ministry is rebuilding.

OGOT BoD – Rev Annette King-El

  • OGOT BoD monthly meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2017.
  • Six proposed candidates participated in the OGOT BoD Boot Camp Training on March 4, 2017. Only three candidates out of the six are committed right now by submitting applications.
  • The BoD members voted upon some financial recommendations for the church; however, Rev Annette King-El declined to discuss the recommendations, but left it open to be discuss by Rev Bernette Jones or Rev Lameteria Hall at our next meeting.
  • The BoD is still reviewing and discussing proposals for the property at 7718 and preparing for the Annual Church Meeting, scheduled for April 30, 2017.

New Business

  • Event/Planning Proposal is the next project of the next project of the Ministry Leaders’ Repository.

Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Roshann Steel with closing Prayer at 12:02 PM.

Attendees:         Rev Annette King-El – (Board) – Van Johnson (Choir/Board) – EllaDonna Lanier (Multimedia) – Henrietta Coward (Special Services) – Karen Clay (Optimal Health) – Michael Staples (Ushers) – Elaine Atlee (Hostesses)– Rev Deborah Smith (Prosperity) – Paulette Lucas (Music/Choir)

OGOT Ministry Repository