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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

One God One Thought Center for Better Living
Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2018

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM by Rev Lameteria Hall

Opening Prayer: Rev Lameteria Hall

Daily Inspiration:  Van Johnson

April 2018 Minutes:  Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson motioned to approve the April 2018 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with grammatical errors to be corrected and it was seconded by Elaine Atlee. Motion carried.


April 2018 Focus: Awake Our Oneness –  I AM the One – “Leadership for the Millennials”

Rev Lameteria Hall opened the discussion by stating that Leadership defined by the Millennials is quite different from the popular definition that Leadership is perceived to influence and guide others to reach a shared goal. The Millennials interpretation of Leadership is broadly viewed as someone who mentors other as explained in the article (How Millennials View Leadership) written by Michelle Eggleston.  The following question proposed by Rev Lameteria Hall from another article (Adapting Your Leadership Styles for the Millennial Generation), How are you adapting your leadership styles as it relates to the Millennials generated various opinions of individuals: “Millennials want their cake and eat too; mentoring to the Millennials is the best way; Millennials have strong sense for entitlement and disrespectful to their elder and properties; Millennials are insatiable about information and technology; Millennials want input into decisions that are made; and Millennials just want to be heard.”  From this discussion, it was encouraged to all Ministry Leaders to participate in the upcoming JCTS’s Colloquium, “The Incredible Shrinking Church 2.0: Where are the Millennials?”, May 17-19, 2018.


Ministry Updates and Announcements

Multi-Media – Elladonna Lanier

  • Multi-Media and JCTS Registration stated flyers for the OGOT 24th Anniversary weekend events from June 22-24, 2018: Friday, June 22, 2018, Party at IMANI Center; Saturday, June 23, 2018, Prom Night (theme is “Back Together Again”) will be available on April 15, 2018.
  • The $35.00 tickets will be available the week of April 22, 2018;
  • Tee shirts will be sold in the Harmony Book Store and at the Meet and Greet on June 22, 2018.
  • The planning committee (Debra Ruffins-Dorsey (Chair), Rev Lameteria Hall. Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson, Rev. Deborah Shepherdson-Smith and Elladonna Lanier) is requesting that personal checks from a commitment from 24 people or more for a contribution of $240.00 to OGOT.



  • Bridges’ Release and Be Bless Day weekend will be collecting items May 18-21, 2018. The truck will pick up the items on Monday, May 21, 2018, from 0800 to 1000 AM.


JCTS Registration – Debra Ruffin-Dorsey

Updates were provided under Multi-Media.

Harmony Book Store – No Updates

Prosperity Ministry – Rev. Richard Huge

  • The Prosperity Ministry will meet May 20, 2018 for their first meeting in 2018.
  • Prosperity Ministry is also planning during the month of July 2018 on Wednesday night a 21-Day Financial Fast. The book that will be used is 21-Day Spiritual Fast by Mitchell Singletary. (Pending-Need to collaborate with Rev. Kingel/Van Johnson).


Ushers/Hostesses-Host Ministry – Michael Staples and Elaine Atlee

  • The Flapjack Breakfast held on April 28, 2018 at AppleBee’s restaurant was a very successful event.


Optimal Health – Roshann Steele

  • August 26, 2018 will be the 10th anniversary of the ministry. A celebration is being planned for an Optimal Health Day, where the members will do everything during Sunday service, such, sing, platform, lesson sermon and announcements. Polo Shirts are planned to be sold during Optimal Health’s Anniversary, plus a table with light hor d’oeuvres.


Special Service – No Updates


Spiritual Arts – Emma Sembly-Brodie

  • The ministry will host another Writer Roundtable, during May 20 from 1130 AM to 0100 PM in room 109, which include writing exercises and discussion.
  • The Talent and Fashion Show is scheduled for November 3, 2018, from 4:00 to 8:00 PM.


Prayer Ministry – Debra Ruffin-Dorsey

  • The Mastermind prayer is held on Thursdays from 6:15p – 7p. The ministry is having success in having people call in to participate in the Mastermind Prayer by phone.
  • Rev Judith Hokmah introduced a new Mastermind Prayer for review.


Youth Ministry – Winston Hall

  • Youth Scholarship Brunch is scheduled for July 29, 2018.



  • It was asked that the Choir Ministry leadership explain their intention about “network operating expenses” listed in ministry description.



  • POT Volunteers – It anyone wants to volunteer to support POT this year there is sign-up sheet available.
  • The doors of the church will be open on August 5, 2018 (instead of being closed during the 2018 POT Healing Service in Atlantic City, NJ).
  • A van or vans will be used to transport people from the church to POT on Sunday, August 5, 2018. The drivers and sponsors of the van trip are Michael and Emma Brodie.  This van trip is not sponsored by OGOT.  If anyone is interested there is a sign-up sheet in the copier room.


Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Lameteria Hall with closing Prayer at 2:00 PM.


Attendees:  Rev. Lameteria Hall (Asst. to Senior Minister), Michael Staples (Hostess/Ushers), Van Johnson (BoD/Choir), Richard H. Huge (Prosperity Ministry), Roshann Steel (Optimal Health), Debra Ruffin-Dorsey (JCTS), Winston J Hall, Jr. (Youth), Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson (Bridges), Elladonna Lanier (Multi-Media), Elaine Atlee (Hostess), Michael Brodie (Spiritual Arts), Jerome King (Multi-Media), Emma Sembly-Brodie (Spiritual Arts), Karen Clay (Optimal Health)

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