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Ministry Leaders Meeting Minutes

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Ministry Leader’s Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2017

Dated completed 6/9/2017 and Submitted by:  Van Johnson

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon by Rev. Lameteria Hall

Opening Prayer: Rev. Lameteria Hall

Daily Inspiration:  Karen Clay

April 2017 Minutes:  Karen Clay motioned to approve the April 2017 Ministry Leaders Meeting minutes with the stated corrections, second by Gerald “Yahya” Brown. Motion carried.

 Ministry Updates:

Multi-Media – EllaDonna Lanier

  • EllaDonna Lanier stated the Prom was a success and for the record there has been a request that the Prom be an annual event. We cleared a profit of $2,000.00, which was beyond the Multi-Media expectation.  We are developing a list of equipment that is needed.


OGOT Choir – Gerald “Yahya” Brown

  • The choir and multi-media are in planning stage of arranging/scheduling a meeting with Rev Bernette Jones to refine the music aspects.


Bridges – Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson

  • Bridges’ retreat committee is looking at two possibilities of offering a retreat during 2017; one will be held at a local retreat center and second retreat will be held at OGOT, for Bridges’ members only.
  • Bridges will demonstrate the Principle of Release with “Released and Be Blessed”, during May 18-22, with the assistance of the Saver Program component. Participants are to bring items for pickup by Saver only on the above designated dates during church office hours.


JCTS Registration – Deborah Ruffin-Dorsey

  • The Wednesday Night Discussion Group Series on Prosperity has been successful and it has been recommended to continue the discussion series to the end of 2017.
  • Annette King-El advised that the following proposed schedule for Wednesday Night Discussion Series will presented to Rev Bernette Jones for approval: Relationship – June 28 thru July 26, 2017; August is an open month; September is an open month; Optimal Health-October 2017; Bridges Mental Health-November 2017; and Angel Wings Gift of Giving-December 2017. On the open months if nothing is scheduled there will mini topics of the congregation choice.


Harmony Book – No Updates

Prosperity Ministry – Rev. Deborah Smith

  • The Prosperity Ministry previous meeting attracted some newcomers and conversations/discussion was focused on our money journeys/stories and old habits and thinking around money. During the month of May, we will discuss tracking and setting intentions to move forward with our prosperity activities.


Ushers/Hostesses  – Michael Staples

  • Michael Staples stated that he has selected the date of April 28, 2018 for the Flapjack Breakfast project at Apple Bee restaurant in 2018. There also was a request to add eggs to the menu for the breakfast. Apple Bee is expected to get in touch with Rev Bernette Jones in June.


Optimal Health – Karen Clay

  • There is a possibility that the meeting scheduled for May will be postponed depending on the determination of the members. If the meeting does not occur, there will be a rescheduling of the essential oils presentation by Sheila Sembly.


OGOT BoD – Rev. Annette King-El

  • Annette King-EL mentioned that Karen Clay attended BoD meeting during April 2017 to participate in the discussion regarding the ministry fund allocation at the end of each year. Because of that meeting Karen Clay recommended an amendment (the policy become effective December 2017, instead of December 2016) be added. The amendment will be considered at the next Finance Committee meeting and once Rev Bernette Jones returned from vacation. Karen Clay stated it was very beneficial to attend the meeting to determine the “Why” and that the why has nothing to do with cash flow, but how we do our accounting.
  • Rev Annette King-El advised that the Board had an election of three new members at the OGOT Annual Meeting on April 30.


Old Business:

Ministry Leaders Repository Updates – Karen Clay:

  • Karen Clay distributed the final copies of OGOT’s Guidelines for Establishing or Re-establishing a Ministry; Ministry Annual Financial Plan/Report; and Ministry Event Financial Plan/Report that will be submitted to Rev Bernette Jones and Rev Lameteria Hall for approval.
  • Karen Clay stated that we will discuss the Process, instead of the form because the process dictates what type of form will be used.
  • ogotmr.net is the website and can be linked from the APP and OGOT website.
  • Questions and help support can be directed to Karen Clay via the Ministry Leaders Repository website.


Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday Mid-Week Discussion Groups – Rev. Annette King-El and Van Johnson – 7-9PM
  • OGOT 23rd Anniversary Celebration – Jazz Brunch-6/25/17


New Business:

  • Rev Lameteria Hall stated that as a Ministry Leader it is our charge to go back and provide your members with the information that is discussed in the meeting.
  • Rev Lameteria Hall also stated that starting with the 3rd in July she will start a practice which is very powerful to begin each meeting with a 5 to 7-minute session about Spiritual Leadership, to get grounded and in alignment together. Rev Lameteria Hall asked each leader to make note of the subliminal message in the heading of agenda, which encourage leadership.
  • Rev Lameteria Hall advised that some signs have been posted on various doors (primarily in the kitchen area) in the church stating, “Service Area – Do not enter unless you are to provide service”. If we are talking about growing it very important to put procedures and processes in place.
  • Rev Lameteria Hall distributed a draft Kitchen Guidelines, which come under the direction of Debra Dorsey, Certified Kitchen Coordinator.
  • 2nd Quarter (April thru June 2017) Updates – Rev Lameteria Hall will meet with the following ministry leaders first.
  • Platform
  • Facilities/Decorating – Ladell Flint, Decorating, resigned as of December 2016, and Debra Dorsey accepted the call.
  • Usher/Hosts/Hostesses
  • Michael Staples advised that Food Share will be close for the months of July and August.


Church Activity Updates – Rev Deborah Smith

  • Rev Deborah Smith passed around for review the final report from the Senior Prom to indicate how the Ministry Leaders should keep track of the various income generated during a church event. The Senior Prom generated $2,316.00 and expenses of $132.00, of which the church received $173.00 and Multi-Media will have $2,000.00 to upgrade their equipment.
  • Rev Deborah Smith distributed the OGOT 23rd Anniversary proposal for review and to get the support of Ministry Leaders. Which will be a Jazz Brunch on June 25, 2017. Donations from the generosity of people will help eliminate the expenses.
  • Rev Deborah Smith stated that our Time Tithers will be recognized this year by an inside event with a lite fare and music, pending date is July 15, 2017.
  • Emma Brodie distributed the OGOT Annual Fashion and Talent Show proposal, tentative schedule for November 18, 2017, for review and support from Ministry Leaders.
  • Rev Lameteria Hall asked each Ministry Leaders to write down on their agenda the statement, “We are about the business of raising consciousness.”
  • Rev Deborah Smith distributed an updated copy of the OGOT Calendar for 2017.


Closing Prayer – Meeting was adjourned by Rev. Lameteria Hall with closing Prayer at 2:00 PM.

Attendees:  Rev Annette King-El – (Board), Van Johnson – (Choir/Board), EllaDonna Lanier – (Multi-Media), Rev Jeannette Gatewood-Johnson – (Bridges), Henrietta Coward – (Special Services), Karen Clay – (Optimal Health), Michael Staples – (Ushers), Elaine Atlee – (Hostesses), Bessie Haskins – (Youth Ministry). Debra Ruffin-Dorsey – (JCTS Registration), Rev Lameteria Hall – (Sr Minister Assistant), Rev Deborah Smith – (Prosperity), Gerald “Yayah” Brown – (Choir/Music), Van Johnson – (Board, Choir, Teacher), Rev Annette King-El – (Board, Teacher)

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