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Multi Media Ministry

Multimedia Ministry

Ministry Purpose

To play pusic related to the Sermon and  to maintain the mood of the music to match the level consciousness.  We record and provide balanced CD’s & MP3’s during Sunday and other services. From our spiritual library we can play and provide pre-recorded and live music to enhance the inspirational quality of services that can be shared with OGOT members and interested persons around the world!! We provide OGOT members/friends with CD’s & MP3’s of the Lesson Sermon after each Sunday service or special event when required.

Ministry Mission

We provide sound and media support for worship services and events and allow GOD to EXPRESS fully though a spiritually uplifting atmosphere through music. We aid in the preparation of raising our OGOT congregation.

Ministry Vision

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence while allowing the Christ Within to provide music that supports the message, uplifts, inspires and heals thought song and music of Praise.

Ministry’s Role/Involvement in Regular Service

We make sure all multimedia equipment is on and ready for service! We play uplifting and inspirational music, praise and worship recorded music at 9 a.m.!!! Play Soothing Meditative Music at 9:20a.m. To Start Recording Sunday Service at 9:25 a.m. Cue The Minster 10:50. Finalize the CD & MP3 for Duplication of the Lesson Sermon to be sold Congregation!! At 12noon shut down all equipment, Make sure area is clean and in other for the next Sundayservice or special event.

Full Ministry Description

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