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Optimal Health Ministry

Optimal Health Ministry

Ministry Purpose

We focus on being in Divine Order as we encourage and support the congregation and community to focus on Optimal Health. We seek to:

  • Spiritually Inspire
  • Educate
  • Raise Consciousness
  • Practice the Truth
  • Demonstrate

Because we are worth it!

Ministry Mission

To continually raise the consciousness of the congregation, community, and individual members to demonstrate optimally healthy living through the daily practice of spiritual principles which inspire, and educate people to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Ministry Vision

We are a powerful catalyst for change that teaches and promotes Optimal Health in Spirit, Soul, Body.

Ministry’s Role/Involvement in Regular Service

To be in attendance in Service.

What You Can Expect

The Optimal Health Ministry celebrated it’s 10th year in August 2018. In the video below, members reflect on what being a member means to them as you get a glimpse of some of the activities in which we have engaged over the years.


Full Ministry Description

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