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Special Services Ministry

Special Services Ministry

Ministry Purpose

To express God through providing service and security to our ministries, our Board members and the congregation of OGOT. To provide assistance to all persons attending OGOT.

Ministry Mission

To ensure that congregants’ experience here at OGOT is a loving and fulfilling one. We are here because we care. We are here to assist, help and serve.

Ministry Vision

To provide complete security in all areas by taking classes to improve our services to the center. Primarily using all our statement of faith to get the goals and vision completed. Abiding in the Presence of God through prayer, meditation and conscious thought on aspects of God.

Ministry’s Role/Involvement in Regular Service

Provide service to our minister, staff and congregation by greeting and participating in the center’s activities before service and after as well as during the week, whenever possible. Ensure the Parking lot is maintained and cars are parked in a manner to maximize the use of space in the parking lot. To provide security when the Ushers are collecting offerings for the Center and to express God.

Full Ministry Description

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