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Spiritual Arts Ministry

Spiritual Arts Ministry

Ministry Purpose

The ministry exists as a demonstration of Spiritual principles through song, dance, written and spoken word, visual arts, and all manner of the creative arts.

Ministry Mission

The Spiritual Arts Ministry exists to provide a practical platform for the expression of Spirit as demonstrated by individuals and groups.

Ministry Vision

This ministry exists to share the various expressions of creative Spirit beyond the doors of OGOT–with the Greater Baltimore Community, UFBL, and the world. This includes videos of performances, live presentations, media interviews, and a presence via social media.

Ministry’s Role/Involvement in Regular Service

The Spiritual Arts Ministry serves at the pleasure of the Senior Minister.


Awoke: One Breath at a Time

Below is an example of one of the activities sponsored by this ministry.  The event, a Fashion and Talent show with the theme “Awoke: One Breath at a Time,” was the third such annual event produced by the ministry.  Each year, the ministry makes a conscious, intentional decision about whether it creates another event.  We look forward to what the ministry will do in 2019! Enjoy the video!


Full Ministry Description

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