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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Ministry Purpose

The Youth Ministry of the One God One Thought Center is designed to draw forth truth and wisdom from the participants themselves in order to awaken their God given powers and their inner Christ nature!

Ministry Mission

The Youth Ministry of the One God One Thought Center for Better Living is committed to drawing forth Truth and wisdom from every student to awaken their inner Christ Being and to teach them to become their own masters of their thoughts and actions.

Ministry Vision

A supportive foundation manifested through divine ideas and demonstrated through youth who are enthusiastic, devoted motivated, creative, and manifesting Christ throughout all of their world, life and affairs.

Ministry’s Role/Involvement in Regular Service

Our contribution is The 5th Sunday of the month the Youth Service conducts the entire service from delivering the message to ushering along with singing and dancing! After Youth service we conclude our service with serving baked goods known as “Sweets Sunday!”

Full Ministry Description

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